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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is Randi Everheart a pseudonym?

Yes.  I write novels under a few different names, actually, in different genres, the other main one being fantasy fiction.  Authors do this for “branding”, meaning that when you buy a Randi Everheart book, you know it’s a romantic suspense/thriller and don’t have to wonder if it’s something else this time around.

2. Do you know what “Randy” means in England?

Yes, and that’s why I chose it!  What could be better than a name that basically means “horny ever heart?” 😀

3. Will you be doing in person signings?

Probably not any time soon.  I have a toddler at home and don’t like being away from him too long.

The Kendall Family Series

1. Is Sugarloaf Mountain, In Maryland, Real?

Yes! You can actually read about it online.  There is also a Sugarloaf Winery and Comus Inn within sight of the mountain, just like in the books, but I renamed them Comus Winery and Sugarloaf Inn (very original, aren’t I?).  The real Comus Inn is not a bed and breakfast, and neither look like I described them in the books.  I did this to take artistic license for my needs and to also have no need of contacting the owners for permission to use their names, etc.  There are quite a few stables around, too, and I used to board a horse at one, though it wasn’t called Sugarloaf Stables; to my surprise, there’s no such barn with that name nearby, AFAIK.

2. What gave you the idea for the books?

I’ve lived in the area and you know what they say to authors: “write what you know”.  I was initially thinking to do a series around the horse barn, but then I was inspired by what I knew of the area and changed it to a family running several businesses there, each one with a hint of romance to it (winery, stables, B&B).

3. Will their cousins, like Sheriff Ryan, get a book?

Probably!  I have rough ideas for him but am still focused on the first six books right now.

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