The Kendall Family Series

Beneath the shadow of Sugarloaf Mountain, the Kendalls run a bed and breakfast, stables, and winery, but the simple rural life is anything but calm when love - and trouble - finds them.

Whether suspenseful or just sexy, my contemporary romance will get you excited!

What can you expect to see? Actual romance, not just sex, though there's plenty of that, too. People who fall in love on the page from the way they interact. Men who aren't afraid to put their heart on the line. And strong women who'll only let the right man into theirs. Read more...

Excerpt from Riley: Kendall Family Series (#3)

Jordan Hunt gazed through the sight on her sniper rifle and checked a sigh. “Killing this guy would be a shame,” she muttered to herself, “but a job’s a job.” Riley Kendall sat shirtless in his living room, six-pack abs rippling beneath a muscled chest as he cleaned a handgun. His torso bore its share of scars, some looking like bullet holes and others like knife wounds. Four tattoos covered his powerful arms: a dragon on his right bicep, an eagle on the left, a snake on his left forearm, and a dagger on the right. She wanted to kiss his thick neck and feel the corded muscles in those arms holding her fast as he manhandled her.

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